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Domestic and Family Violence Support Advanced Certificate Download

The Advanced Certificate in Domestic and Family Violence Support teaches you all skills and industry secrets to identify, intervene, respond and raise awareness towards domestic violence incidents. CORE MODULES
  • Nature and scope of mental health
  • Childhood depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Tic disorders

Wildlife Rescue And Rehabilitation Certificate Download

Start learning today and turn your knowledge and passion for animal protection into a meaningful career path in Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation.   CORE MODULES
  • Scope and Nature of Animal Welfare
  • Psychology and Sentience
  • Managing Animal Welfare
  • Animal Protection Services

Equine Breeding And Care Certificate Download

Horse breeding is an important sector within the equine industry; and a knowledge of breeding horses is of great value to anyone who works with horses; not only breeders. CORE MODULES
  • Reduce health risks to the mare and foal
  • Have some control over the characteristics of foals being produced.
  • Understand each stage of the pregnancy, birth and after care of the foal.

Cyber Security Certificate Download

Digital literacy and data security are much sough-after skills in today’s world as businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. CORE MODULES
  • Introduction to Cyber Security and cyber-attacks/defences
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Securing the facilities and networks
  • Securing your online digital footprint

Crisis Counselling Certificate Download

The Certificate in Crisis Counselling teaches you all practices and methods to effectively intervene, counsel and assist clients in those challenging time. CORE MODULES
  • Understanding methods of crisis intervention
  • Ethical, professional and legal issues
  • Dangers of crises and effective intervention
  • Developmental Crises